“Blogging? Me? Really?” Those were the thoughts I had, when the idea for this blog was raised some time ago.

The reason was quite simple: Some years ago, I’ve written a book about data protection with Backup Exec. For obvious reasons, I wrote the book in German. Even though it was sold a few hundred times, I always thought about translating it to English. Then, after the release of Backup Exec 15 I felt it would be time to rewrite the book at all and started to do so directly in English. But after a few chapters I realized that keeping the book up to date with new features and technologies released every few months by Veritas was quite a challenge.

So I started thinking about another way to publish the content and after a long night and a bottle of wine or two we came to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to cancel writing a “real” book and rather put the chapters into post within a website. So it will be easier to stay at the cutting edge of the technology without having to do all the background stuff it requires to publish a book.

So, here it is.

I’m quite curious about the things to come and whether anyone will follow me here at all. But we’ll see.


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