Backup Exec Best Practices Guide v3 available

Last Week I had the chance to assist Veritas EMEA in updating (and extending) the official Backup Exec Best Practices Guide. The guide goes into detail on how to configure your backup server’s hardware and how you can tune Backup Exec to get the best performance. In addition you’ll find answers to some of the […]

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Backup Exec and Deduplication

Backup Exec’s deduplication option offers technologies to reduce the space needed for backup-to-disk. In addition to this, deduplication may help you to reduce the network load resulting from backups. The minimum hardware requirements for deduplication with Backup Exec are: One quad-core CPU or two dual-core CPUs. Eight Gigabyte free memory for up to five Terabyte

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Using Backup Exec with OST appliances

Backup Exec’s deduplication license offers you three different flavors of deduplication: Server-side dedupe, client-side dedupe and appliance dedupe. The latter is the one I want to give you a closer look today. To can find more details regarding deduplication with Backup Exec in my post Backup Exec and Deduplication. In order to use appliance deduplication

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